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Your collectible is an authentic section of track from San Francisco’s original Powell-Hyde Line. Excavated in early January 1983 by W.R. Thomason, general contractors, it is over 100 years old. Once you pick up the rail, its weight and density unmistakably points to its historic origins, as it is significantly heavier than today’s steel.


Is Each Piece Different?


Yes. No two pieces of the rail are alike, as various parts of the cable car line experienced different wear and tear over the decades. Each piece is unique, making it a true collectable.


Patina & Finish


Each track section has been sandblasted to remove rust and concrete, cut, hand ground and, finally, surface polished. Because it is an antigue metal, a natural oxidation process will occur, enriching the patina of your cable car collectable over time.


Payment and Shipping


Pay online using credit card or PayPal. Shipping is $7 in the US. For International shipments, please provide address for a quote.



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