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Before silicon, San Francisco ran on steel.


For decades, the cable car system was the lifeblood of The City. Then, in the early morning hours of September 22, 1982, the No. 7 Powell-Hyde car made a final sweep through the streets of San Francisco. It rolled into the cable car barn, temporarily suspending over 100 years of public service on the world's only remaining cable railway system. New track would soon be laid.


In early January 1983, as part of the Cable Car System Rehabilitation Program, a section of original cable car track was excavated from Hyde Street (between Union and Filbert) by W.R. Thomason, general contractors. Most of the recovered rail was from 1911, but some dated back as early as 1889.

Cable Car Collectibles has been the keeper of this original track, and now we’re making it available to you.

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