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Gift a piece of San Francisco history...

Gift a piece of San Francisco history...


Here’s Your Chance To Gift…

The Most Iconic Piece Of The Most Iconic City In The US

  • About The Track

    • The first thing you will notice is the weight. Made before modern techniques, this steel is heavier than modern alloys, giving your new souvenir an oddly reassuring solidity. Approximately 3 1/2” tall, 4” wide, 3/4” deep, and 1 pound in weight.
    • Each piece is absolutely unique thanks to the beautiful patina, a patina that will change and advance over time as you pass it on from generation to generation.

    • Own or gift this unique piece of history. Supply is truly limited. Comes in elegant 5” cubed, foil-embossed gift box.

    • Over 100 years old

  • Cable Car History

    Golden Gate Bridge. Karl the Fog. The Painted Ladies. If you know what we’re talking about, then you just know. San Francisco is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cities in the USA.

    Whether you love the culture, the music, and the countless innovative companies that have originated in this city, or the history and the unique climate, there is nothing like San Francisco.

    Ask any person (even those who have never been) what the most recognizable piece of San Franciscan culture is, and they’ll no doubt tell you it’s the cable cars. To this day, The City operates the last manual cable car system in existence.

    The Cable Cars Have Seen San Francisco Through It All

    Only 40 years after the Gold Rush made San Francisco the largest city on the West Coast in 1849, portions of this cable car tracks were laid in 1889 – meaning that it was transporting people before, after, and during:

    • The 1906 earthquake and fire
    • The birth of the United Nations in the city in 1945
    • Hippie counterculture and the Summer of Love
    • Sexual Revolution, Peace Movement, gay rights movement

    It is over 110 years old.

    Then, on September 22, 1982…

    As part of a two-year restoration project, the No. 7 Powell-Hyde car made its final tour of duty through the city, and in early 1983 the Hyde Street track between Union and Filbert was excavated to make way for a new track to be laid.

    What you are looking at today are the one-of-a-kind cross-sections of the recovered rail from that excavation.

    Here, without question, is the most captivating and unique keepsake you will ever find of the city -- for connoisseurs and historians, and for those who seek a family heirloom. One that will only become more beautiful and valuable with age.

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